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24th November 2013 – The Long Half Day Album Release

After a longish break, we’re back with the album release of The Long Half Day on Slightly Off Kilter. The album has a full recording of the whole epic twelve hour performance along with numerous remixes, writings and art either made on the day or inspired by it. Each copy will come in unique packaging hand-made by the performers (see one below) and is absolutely not to be missed.

20131028_212524 (800x600)

As a little taster here are the last fifteen minutes of the recording:

And the full details of the wonderful launch event can be found here.

The Long Half Day – Feb 3rd 2013

So The Long Half Day happened …. epic, wonderous, inspiring and profound. 12 straight hours of free-improv at the wonderful coach house, and some of the best music we’ve ever taken part in. Everyone was absolutely exhausted by the end, but in the best possible way.

Thanks especially to amazing musicians Dan Powell, Chris Parfitt, Kev Nickels and Adam Bushell for welcoming us to Brighton and making the whole thing what it was.

We’ll be doing it all again sometime soon, hopefully this summer, so whatever you do make sure you come along for the ride. Also look out for a very exciting release to commemorate the event, including a full recording (yes, the whole 12 hours!) along with a bunch of remixes, art, videos, write-ups by performers and audience members and much more. Further details to follow.

In the meantime here’s a short video from about 5 hours in to whet your appetite:

More info, including photos and art by Richard Miles can be found here.

September 27th – Spirit of Gravity

On the 27th September we headed down to Brighton to perform another realisation of Water Yam at Spirit of Gravity. An amazing gig – thanks especially to Dan Powell for inviting us.

The Coach House is also an amazing venue which will be host to our next big project – more news soon!

29th July – SOUND//SPACE closing event

So we played our two sets, and then one more, and then another (slightly drunken) jam in the evening. It was the  closing event for SoundFjord’s amazing SOUND//SPACE pop-up record shop at the V22 Summer Club, and a very excellent day it was. There were toys …. there were robots … there was a vibratory spectacular. Loads of fun.


Water Yam at Compost and Height

The lovely folk at Compost and Height have now opened up their page documenting their George Brecht Water Yam project. We’ve submitted our video realisation, which is also embedded below. Watch this space for more live realisations as well…

Live Sound Tracks – 27th April 2012

A fantastic gig at Live Sound Tracks performing our realisation of George Brecht’s Water Yam with live sound and video. Many thanks to Tom Mudd for inviting us, and to Gus Garside, DanPowell, Tom White and Matt Hammond for sharing the bill. The trangallan is a lovely quirky venue as well – well worth a visit.

GV Gallery – 25th November 2011

Our second invite from the lovely folk at SoundFjord, this time as part of an excellent series of concerts by the artist Martin A. Smith during his exhibition Written On Silence at the GV Gallery. The other acts on the bill were fantastic, making for a really great night. We explored a similar set-up to the one we used at Galerie8 although with a different set of rules to navigate by. The photos below show the set-up  before, during and after:

Alla Luce – Royal College of Music – 9th November 2011

Charlie organised this project as part of the Great Exhibitionists series at the Royal College of Music, where we collaborated with harpist MartinoPanizza and musician and photographer Tom Mills. The piece took place in a pitch black room, and explored relationships between light, object-based sound and traditional instruments. Three performers navigated the objects in the room, whilst influencing the performances of a harp and a piano using small  lights as a medium of communication. A really interesting and enjoyable project that suggested many ways forward for the future.

Galerie8 – 14th August 2011

Our first gig at Galerie8 as part of their Sunday Sound Waves series. We were asked to come up with an ‘object-based score’ by Helen at SoundFjord as part of the event she was curating called Phono:graphic, exploring the joins between sound and visual art. The whole event was fantastic – filled with tons of works by some amazing artists – it was a pleasure to be part of it. Our set-up is at the top of the picture above – the objects/instruments are arranged for us to play based on their position. Movement between and around objects was determined by a pair of homemade dice for each player along with some simple rules: